Accounting Recruitment

Accounting Recruitment Solutions

Having challenges recruiting suitable accounting staff in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor, Malaysia? Accounting staff recruitment can be very time consuming. Searching and attracting suitable accounting talents can take a very long time. It is frustrating to wait especially if your accounting department is short-staffed and the accounting and finance workloads keep increasing.

At Syafiq Hairul & Associates, we are able to act as an accounting recruitment agency to provide accounting staff recruitment services to help you find the required suitable accounting staff.

How Does It Work?

  1. First, we review your accounting staff recruitment needs and requirements. We take into consideration the accounting position’s job scope and technical requirements along with the experience level and personality of the potential candidates for better compatibility.
  1. Secondly, we tap into our extensive accounting talent pool to filter and shortlist potential candidates. We will coordinate and schedule interview session between the candidates and client. Each interview lasts for around 30 minutes on average.
  1. Lastly, after the interviews, you decide which candidate is suitable.

Advantages Of Having An Accounting Recruitment Agency

  • All potential candidates are pre-qualified. Only shortlisted candidates are recommended for interviews with our clients. As such, it saves a lot of time for our clients.
  • Our clients do not incur advertising expenses which may not necessarily produce the required results. A lot of recruitment advertising expenses end up generating a lot of unqualified and unsuitable applications.

Why Choose Us As Your Accounting Recruitment Agency?

  • As accounting practitioners, we understand various accounting job scopes and are more able to assess and evaluate the academic qualifications and working experiences of potential candidates
  • As a group of accounting practices, we have deep access into the accounting talent pool. Having access to great number of potential candidates enables us to source more suitable potential candidates for various accounting positions.
  • We have been providing accounting outsource and accounting staff placements in a wide range of roles for companies and organizations in various industries or sectors. As such, we do understand your accounting needs and requirements better as compared to general recruitment agencies