Accounting Services

Accounting Services
We provide both inbound (at our office) and outbound (at client office) accounting services for the preparation of full set accounts and other accounting related tasks and job scopes such as handling accounts receivables, accounts payables and bank reconciliations in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor, Malaysia. Generally our accounting services cover the whole of Klang Valley. Clients can choose to have their accounts maintained at the convenience of their office or ours.
Bookkeeping Services
It mainly covers recording of financial transactions, keeping records and is part of the accounting process. Transactions to record include sales, purchases, receipts and payments. We maintain the accounts at our office. Clients need to arrange for the documents to be sent to us. It is more suitable for smaller companies and businesses with less and simple transactions which do not require as much face to face communication.
Accounting Outsourcing
Accounting outsourcing services generally cover more than bookkeeping and the job scope is customizable along the line of accounting functions. We maintain the accounts at client offices for better communication and convenience for our clients. The time spent at client offices ranges from one to a few days a week.
Accounting Staff Placement
For clients who need temporary, contract or permanent accounting staff on daily basis to cover accounting job scopes and functions such as maintaining full set of accounts, accounts receivables, accounts payables and as well as seasonal fluctuation in accounting workload such as during peak period, unexpected events such as long leave by existing accounting staff and short term ad hoc arrangements such as accounting software implementation which absorb existing accounting headcount.
Benefits of Our Accounting Services


Our clients can rely on our accounting services and solutions to release more of their time and resources to focus on their core business activities


Our accounting services can be done onsite at client offices or at our own office. Onsite accounting arrangements can be made for week days or Saturdays.


For onsite accounting services such as accounting outsourcing and accounting staff placement, we will go to client offices to maintain their accounts. All accounting tasks will be done onsite with accounting data and information maintained at client offices thus enables clients to have convenient access to their data, information and documents such as invoices, payment vouchers, debtor statements and bank statements whenever they need them.


With our onsite accounting services, documents and data are kept at client offices which ensure better confidentiality. We assign dedicated staff for our bookkeeping services at our office. All of our staff are also subject to our strict non-disclosure agreement


Accounting requires as much communication as possible. Our onsite accounting services allow us to communicate better with clients which in turn should improve the whole accounting process

Cost Effectiveness

Our flexible accounting arrangements allow our clients to have flexible cost structure which enables them to reduce accounting overheads and related expenses