Accounting Outsource

Considering accounting outsource in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor, Malaysia? Do you prefer us to do your accounts at your office rather than sending the documents to our office? Our accounting outsourcing services could be the solution.

We are able to send our accounting outsource staff to client offices to provide accounting services for customized number of hours per week in a calendar month. Generally, our accounting outsourcing services are mainly in the job scope of preparation of full set of accounts, income statement and balance sheet on weekly or monthly basis.

Our experience in managing accounting and finance functions of our clients through our accounting outsourcing services include:

  • Prepare monthly consolidated accounts for group of companies
  • Prepare full set accounts of companies, businesses and organisations
  • Prepare monthly management reports for management meetings and reporting purposes
  • Review and analyze financial results
  • Design of accounting templates for operational and reporting purposes
  • Set up accounting operating procedures and internal controls
  • Forecasting, budgeting and monitoring of cash flows
  • Consulting, training and implementation of GST accounting
  • Manage and supervise a team of accounting staff and provide guidance when necessary
  • Liaise with accounting related external parties such as auditors, tax agents and bankers

Accounting Outsourcing Arrangements

Generally there are three types of accounting outsourcing arrangements as follow:

Accounting Outsource Type 1: Your Virtual Accounting Team

  • Bookkeeping and accounting handled by us
  • We are your outsourced accounting team

Accounting Outsource Type 2: Your Virtual Accounts Manager

  • Your accounts staff handle the bookkeeping and accounting at your office
  • We manage, supervise and oversee your accounts staff
  • We are your outsourced accounts manager

Accounting Outsource Type 3: Placement of Accounting Staff

  • You already have your accounting team
  • We provide our accounting staff on temporary or contract basis
  • Address your excess accounting workload or insufficient accounting headcount

Benefits Of Outsourced Accounting

Some benefits of our accounting outsourcing services include the following:

  • Have more focus on your core business. You no longer need to worry about recruiting, training and overseeing your accounting staff
  • Better confidentiality and convenience. As we maintain outsourced accounts at client offices, all documents and information are kept where they are. Onsite outsourced accounting also improves communication which is important in the accounting process.
  • Obtain outside expertise from experienced professionals in the accounting industry. You can access a team of professional accountants
  • Update on the latest accounting standards, related rules and regulations
  • Minimize accounting overheads without the cost of maintaining an accounting department
  • Effectiveness. Our diverse accounting experiences from various industries enable us to guide our clients towards a better accounting approach to improve various accounting aspects in their companies
  • Efficiency. We do our best to reduce the time spent by looking for ways to streamline and consolidate accounting workflow while reducing and removing wastage and duplication of accounting resources
  • Better value for money. By improving effectiveness with higher efficiency, we seek to reduce the cost per unit of right output