Accounting Staff Placement

Lack accounting staff to cope with existing accounting workload? We can perhaps assist you with our temporary accounting staff placement or permanent accounting staff recruitment services.  For temporary accounting staff placement, please continue to read on.

You could face the following accounting challenges from time to time;

  • Your accounting staff have resigned and you need temporary replacements
  • Employees responsible for accounts are on long leave or absent due to illness or personal reasons
  • Need temporary help to cover additional workload due to seasonal factors such as during the rush for accounts closing, audit and tax period as well as occasional project implementation such as new ERP software implementation, rapid expansion, merger and acquisition
  • You experience sudden rapid increase in accounting workload which is temporary in nature
  • Need to get the accounts updated or to clear accounting backlogs

If you face the above mentioned challenges, we are able to provide accounting staff placement to your office to cope with the accounting workload on temporary or contract basis. We will assign dedicated accounting staff to your office to assist in the required job scopes. We are usually able to place accounting staff at our client offices within short notice.

Some of our roles for our assigned accounting staff at client offices include the following.

Full Set of Accounts

  • Handle full set of client accounts
  • Prepare monthly financial reports
  • Perform data entries and handle day-to-day operations of accounting
  • Supervise & review accounting works
  • Prepare schedules for month/year-end reporting
  • Prepare schedules for monthly or quarterly GST submission
  • Prepare and liaise with auditors and tax agents for annual statutory audit and tax submission
  • Assist in budgeting and forecasting
  • Support and involve in accounting system upgrading and implementation
  • Review and recommend improvements to accounting processes and procedures to enhance operational efficiency and  effectiveness

Accounts Receivables

  • Ensure all sales invoices are prepared and issued
  • Ensure all payments from clients are identified and recorded
  • Trace and correct any discrepancies in accounts receivables
  • Prepare debtor statements usually on monthly basis
  • Monitor credit control in line with credit terms and credit limits

Accounts Payables

  • Verify purchase invoices from suppliers
  • Match purchase invoices against purchase orders (PO) issued
  • Check and make sure all supporting documents are verified and authorized
  • Filter out duplicates, those without PO or proper supporting documents etc
  • Verify that transactions comply with client financial policies and procedures
  • Prepare batches of purchase invoices for data entry
  • Ensure proper recording and assigning suitable account codes in ERP/accounting software

Bank Reconciliation

  • Reconcile bank books, bank ledgers and bank statements

Accounting Projects eg Implementation of New Accounting Software

  • Assist to identify user requirements
  • Set up various parameters and fields
  • Set up and assign account codes

Clear Accounting Backlogs

  • Assist to clear months or years of accounting and bookkeeping backlogs

Benefits of Accounting Staff Placement Services

  • Your existing accounts staff can focus on their tasks while our experienced accounting staff work on the allocated portion of backlogs or routine work
  • Address the excess workload of your accounts staff
  • Flexibility in adjusting your accounting headcount for seasonal requirements or unexpected events
  • We offer additional accounting staff at flexible cost structure
  • Relieve your company from sourcing, recruiting and retaining accounts staff